Blade Of The Immortal
Rin and Manji
There is currently no manga or comic series being written that matches the poetic perfection of story and art achieved by Hiraoki Samura's "Blade Of The Immortal". A blood soaked tale of life and death, love and hate, "Blade Of The Immortal" is not for the faint of heart. It tells a story quietly and subtly before plunging a knife into the unsuspecting reader with it's tragic message, painting a vivid portrait of the evil humanity is capable of.

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Manji and Rin

Rin: “Dying without achieving your goals... or living on for years and realizing you will never achieve them -- which is worse?”
Kuroi to Rin: “Together we will rise on the petals of the lotus... We will share our love in the land of Nirvana, perfected in our beauty.”
Rin: “I’ll cut you down, as the prologue to my bloody drama of revenge.”
Manji to Kuroi: “We’ll make the sky rain blood!”
Rin: “There’s slaughter in your heart... it burns right through you.”
Kuroi to Rin: “Rin... is that my lady’s name? It shakes my heart to hear it. Truly, does that name express thy soul?”
Gyobutsu: “O God who art in Heaven, please shine the light of your mercy on this poor sinner.”
Saito Tatsumasa: “Now your soul must be swallowed by the darkness.”
Shizuma: “For endless life, is to witness endless death.”
Shizuma: “This pain... straight through the heart... how many times do I have to savour it?”
Rin: “Never dying means always having to live. No matter what the pain of existence.”

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Blade Of The Immortal!

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