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.: Blade Of The Immortal :.

Rin and Manji

There is currently no manga or comic series being written that matches the poetic perfection of story and art achieved by Hiraoki Samura's "Blade Of The Immortal". A blood soaked tale of life and death, love and hate, "Blade Of The Immortal" is not for the faint of heart. It tells a story quietly and subtly before plunging a knife into the unsuspecting reader with it's tragic message, painting a vivid portrait of the evil humanity is capable of.

Wanna learn more about Manji and Rin's
quest for revenge and redemption?
There's only one place to go,
the deffinitive "Blade Of The Immortal" site!

Blade Of The Immortal!

I also put up a "Blade Of The Immortal" quotes page:

Blade Of The Immortal

.: Big O :.

Anime and manga doesn't get much better than
"Big-O"... trippy and weird, it's a show with meaning- if you can figure out what it is! (The whole show is worth watching, just for Dorothy's cutenesss!)

.: Peach Girl :.

This is a beautifully drawn manga series from "SMILE" and one of our faves! Poor Momo, it's tough for her being so hopelessly gorgeous!

.: Shoujo Manga House :.

Here is a site like "Nakayoshi's Homepage" in that it covers many shoujo manga series! It is very well put together and looks beautiful!

Shoujo Manga House

.: Namie Amuro :.

What can I even begin to say about Namie Amuro? She is my idol, the queen of pop and the living embodiment of all I strive to be... Check her out!

.: US!??! :.

You wanna link to us? How sweet... I didn't have the time to make any really nice banners, but some are on the way... until then:

Let's be Nakayoshi! Let's be Nakayoshi! Let's be Nakayoshi! Let's be Nakayoshi! Let's be Nakayoshi! Let's be Nakayoshi! Let's be Nakayoshi! Let's be Nakayoshi! Let's be Nakayoshi! Let's be Nakayoshi!
Let's be Nakayoshi! Let's be Nakayoshi!

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"Wedding Peach" Banners are at the link below...

Wedding Peach!

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