Dorothy, CUTENESS! Honourable Mentions

You know... we love so many super couples that there really isn't enough time to create pages devoted to all of them (Curse the real world for intruding on our love filled fantasies! Curses!) -_- So instead I've created this little page where I'm going to provide links to pages devoted to couples which Kasey and I feel truly rock the casbah (Those we live vicariously through...) They come from everywhere, comics, manga, anime, TV shows, cartoons, Soap Operas, etc... Some of these couples are... sweet, passionate, sexy, tragic, funny... but all are completely irresistible ^_^

If you have a couples page of your own that you would like added or you don't see your fave couple here, just drop us a line!

~*~ Check Out ~*~

Source: "Andromeda"
Couple: Trance and Harper
Notes: I hate to admit watching this show... but Trance and Harper are so adorable I am willing to make the sacrifice. (Both are Canadian!) Harper's hilarious and doesn't stop talking, while Trance defines the word CUTE!
Harper: "Any thoughts, your purpleness?"
trance: "Signs are hazy- ask again later."

Harper: "What? You want me to be nice to him?"
Trance: "You're supposed to be the good guy."
Harper: "Correction- standing next to you, Beka, Rev, Rommie, Dylan, and . . . uh, well, anyway- then I'm one of the good guys."

Trance: "And you know why? Cause I could get away with it. Because I'm cute!"

Source: "X-Men" (Movieverse and Comicverse)
Couple: Cyclops and Storm
Notes: Not our usual coupling but- They kinda do look cute together! And Storm totally needs a cool boyfriend... It's so sad that she's all alone ^_^

Sooooo sexy together!

Source: "Pitch Black" (Movie)
Couple: Fry and Riddick

~*~ Pitch Black ~*~
~*~ Vin Diesel Addicts ~*~

Fave Quote:
Riddick: "But not for me..."
(The saddest line in ANY movie! Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.)

If you are a true lover of tragic lovers then there's no excuse not to have seen this movie! The couple of Riddick and Fry tear at your heart as they battle for their lives and each other. The screen sizzles so rent it today! (I own the DVD)

Dorothy looks so cute with Roger!

Source: "Big O"
Couple: Dorothy and Roger

Everyone should be watching "Big O"... it's on "Cartoon Network"! There's only 13 episodes on the series so catch it now or not at all *_* Below are some links!

~*~ ~*~
~*~ Dorothy, Dorothy! ~*~

Fave Quote:
Dorothy: "Roger Smith, you are a louse."
(It's so cute the way she always uses his whole name just to bug him...)

(And something Roger says at least ten times every episode, because God forbid she should be out of his sight for more than 5 seconds *_*)
Roger: "Where's Dorothy...!?"

Dorothy (To Roger): "If neither of us had memories, and we met, then...would you and I fall in love...?"

Source: "Pokemon"
Couple: Ash and Misty

Fave Quote:
Misty thinks Ash is already asleep and whispers...
Misty: "...I love you..."
Ash: "Uh, did you say something Misty?"
Misty: "Me? Oh nothing! I didn't say anything Ash... goodnight."

Source: "Days Of Our Lives"
Couple: Shawn Brady and Belle Black

Fave Quote:
Belle: "Promise me we'll be friends forever..."
Shawn: "I promise."
(Reminds me of Logan and Marie!)
Comment: My fave scene is the whole "virgin" conversation... It's like Shawn takes a class called "What NOT to say to your girl." He's a MASTER of saying exactly the wrong thing...

Source: "Peach Girl"
Couple: Momo and Kiley

Fave Quote:
Momo: "By tomorrow, everyone'll be talking! And I didn't kiss you! I didn't kiss you! Is there anything we can do?"
Kiley: "To keep the lie from spreading? To let people know what really happened."
Momo: "We can? How?"
Kiley: "Sure, we can turn rumor into truth."

Source: "Roswell Conspiracies"
Couple: Sh'Lianne and Nick Logan

Fave Quote:
Sh'Lianne: "I thought you made a great daddy."
Logan: "I'm not so sure..."
Sh'Lianne: Well I am- and I'm keeping it in mind."
Comment: Well, I'm not too sure if everyone can check this show out... In Canada it's on really late at night but please try, it's a great show!
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