Wanna link to our page?! (Please for the love of all that is holy, please do!) Here's the page where you can get some cute little banners to help you out! I did my best, but if you wanna know why they kinda suck it's cause I made them all by my lonesome... *sniffle* I tried anywayz...

So... who do you want on the Banner...?
(Each couple has their own banner page! Just click on the pics below! Enjoy!)

Wolverine and Jubilee?

Wolverine and Rogue?

Deadpool and Siryn?

Can't find your fave couple from "Marvelous Lovers!" here? Don't like the background colour...? Want me to do a special little banner just for you!?? No problem! Just e-mail the details of what you want and I would be glad to fix up something just for you!

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