Molly and Neflite, CUTENESS!

Simply the greatest love story ever told! The tragic tale of Molly and Neflite from "Sailor Moon" is an unbelievably moving romance. This couple is everything true love should be; an innocent young girl falling for a demically evil villian. From the first moment they met an undeniable connection was born. Although their romance was short lived every moment they spent together was filled with wonderful romantic angst! If you're lucky you can still catch their romance on "Sailor Moon" which is still airing on YTV in Cananda! All I can say is that you have to be made of stone not to break down in tears when watching Molly and Neflite!

Molly and Neflite, CUTENESS! Here are some of their sweet quotes!:

(Neflite finally does something sweet for Molly!)
Molly: "Thank you for saving me Neflite."
Neflite: "You don't have to thank me, Molly. I don't even know myself why I saved you. I've been lying to you from the first time we met, and...I'll...probably go on lying to you."
Molly:"It doesn't matter, your heart hasn't decieved me..."

Molly:"You know, right down the street there's a cafe, where, they serve a delicious chocolate parfeit. Do you like it?"
Neflite:"Y...Yes I do."
Molly:"You're lying...but you're only lying to be nice to me. I wish we could have a chocolate parfeit, it's been a secret dream I've been having, but I guess it will never happen."
Molly and Neflite, CUTENESS! Neflite:"Why not? Let's do it!"
Molly:"Really? You mean it?!"
Neflite:"Do you think I'm lying?"
Molly:"Uh...uh uh. I'm just happy you're with me."

(Neflite has been fatally wounded)
Neflite:"Sorry, Molly..."
Molly:"About what?"
Neflite:"Don't think we'll be having a chocolate parfeit."
Neflite:"Don't forget me. I just wanted you to know, you'll always be in my heart..."

Molly and Neflite, CUTENESS!

Wanna check find out more about Molly and Neflite (AKA Maxfield Stanfield in the series...) check out the great site listed below! (You'd think there'd be more sites out there, too bad...)

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