Well these quotes are from a really wicked TV show I watch called "Roswell Conspiracies" It's got the cutest couple named Sh'Lianne (Pronounced Shlane) and Logan (Gotta love that name right!?) I really thinnk that Sh'Lianne is probably the most adorable animated female character on TV right now (well after Yolie!)^_^ If you wanna watch it in Canada, it's on YTV very late at nigh (think early morning...)

Logan (Realizing the plane is going to explode): “Hold on to me tight!”
Sh’lianne: “Oh, in your dreams!”
Logan: “Sometimes.”

Sh’Lianne (After her prophecy of Logan’s death): “Ach! You’re nae taking me serious!’
Logan: “On the contrary, we’re all taking you DEAD serious.”
Sh’Lianne: “Oh- Ha Ha…”

The Alliance Commander: “I understand she’s forseen Logan’s death several times. Funny, he seems healthy enough.”

Doctor (On what will happen if Sh’Lianne blows up the nuclear plant): “Goodbye New Mexico, Hello giant crater!”

Logan: (To Sh’Lianne, who doesn’t seem to want to get over her sickness and live): “We believe in each other, we depend on each other for our lives! So, no… Don’t block me out!”

(Sh’Lianne and Logan go clubbing!) Logan: “Let’s shake our funky groove thang! The Logan express is about to depart without you Sh’Lianne…” <-- He was wearing SUSPENDERS to a CLUB! Too funny…

(Logan acts all macho and powerful) Logan: “Get that weapon out of my face soldier! Can’t you see there’s been an accident? Return to your stations at once!”
Sh’Lianne: “Mmmm, he makes me all tingly.”

Logan: (Angry becasue he has to stay home and watch the baby while Sh'Lianne goes to work): "And don't ding my car! You just got your license..."

Logan: "He looks like me as a kid."
Sh'Lianne: "You were a cute kid- what happened?"

Sh'Lianne (Her day to watch the baby, but he won't listen to her): "Athos! Sit quietly and I'll read you this article on astral projection... ARGH! Just wait 'til yuir father gets home!"

Sh'Lianne: "I thought you made a great daddy."
Logan: "I'm not so sure..."
Sh'Lianne: Well I am- and I'm keeping it in mind."

Walter is kidnapped by vampires:
Vampire: "We're taking him for a quick bite! Hahahaha..."

Trueblood (To Sh’Lianne): “Where’s your partner? He usually crawls out of the woodwork if you so much as stub your toe.”

Nema [in a rather hookerish outfit, red-dress/thigh-length fishnets] gets noticed by a vampire:
Vampire: "Oh... Good evening."
Nema: "Hi there, could you tell me where a girl can get a bite?"

Sh’Lianne: “Nick… Nick… Come to me, I need you.”

Sh’Lainne: “They fell for it, hook line and stinker-.”
Simon: “Uh- that’s ‘sinker’ Sh’Lainne, not ‘stinker’.”
Sh’Lainne: “Yeah well, it stunk! They chased me all night! But at least it let Nick- OH! Oh I mean Agent Logan….” <--(Trails off all embarrassed)

Simon (Collapses on top of Neema): “Thanks for breaking my fall.”
Neema: “Thanks for breaking my ribs!”

Sh’Lainne: (Velra’s about to embrace Logan) “Don’t you touch him!”
Velra: “Oh, sweet Sh’Lainne, you’re jealous. How cute- get over it.”

Sh’Lainne: “Nick… I love you.”
(Logan’s unconscious though, he didn’t hear)

(After their plane crashes) Sh’Lianne: “Nick! You’re hurt!”
Logan: “Yeah, I should’ve returned my tray table to its full upright position.”

Logan: “Thanx for picking me up.”
Neema: “You shut up! If Fitz gets hurt because of you I’ll fracture your other leg!

Sh’Lianne: “How can Nick even get here?! He’s got a broken leg!”
Simon (Fitz): “I’m betting he’s with Neema, and if my girl’s driving…”
(loud crashes are suddenly heard as Neema and Logan arrive) “Hmmm, you call that an entrance? You didn’t even blow anything up!”
Neema: “Oh, take off that jacket and kiss me!”
Logan: “Are you alright?”
Sh’Lianne: “Yeah, now that you’re here.” (She stares stunned as the other two make out)

Simon: “I’ll pick you up a souvenir.”
Neema: “Ok, but nothing trashy or radioactive.”

Logan: “Ah, vampires killing vampires- now that’s the kind of civic responsibility I like to see.”

Simon: “I was just a kid- heading out to make my mark.”
Neema: “Or possibly leave a stain?”

Simon: “Logan, it’s my home town- try not to blow too much of it up.”

Sh’Lianne (pouting because she can’t go with Logan): “But what about meeeeeeeeeeeee? Ah’m Logan’s partner…” <--(it’s so cute to see her whine)

Mob guy: “What is this!?”
Simon: “Room service! We’re here to deliver some serious smackdowns!”

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